Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comments from the CX Vegas women's podium

Photo: Lyne Lamoureux, Podium Insight
This article from PodiumInsight is worth a read. Has some good comments from the top three women racers.
Continuing on what was last year’s story, Nash’s win was evident once she took a solo flyer with three laps to go. From the start of the race, the women of Luna Pro Team were in total control of the race. Nash, Georgia Gould and Amy Dombroski went immediately to the front along with former US National cross country champion, Mary McConneloug (Kenda/Seven Cycles) and Sue Butler (Hudz-Subaru). With one lap into the race, the five were off. McConneloug put in a few attacks and that was enough for Nash and she just went. Butler was dropped as the pace went up, leaving McConneloug to battle for second place against teammates Gould and Dombroski.

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