Saturday, September 18, 2010

D Street Saturdays

Meeting up at D Street. Photo by Cornbread
The boys at the D Street Mansion have started rolling it out Saturday mornings at 8 am for a goodly amount of gravel mileage.

Some of the guys drill it on the edge of town, but have no fear, just keep pedaling. There are several stop points for regrouping.

Today, I peeled off early shy of Valprasio with Shawn and Aaron. Was glad I did, too, because once we had the tailwind it was quite a job to keep up on the single-speed.  Twas a great workout though. Legs are getting stronger.

I had my Garmin 705 and you'll find the route below. The route to the north is the gravel we road today. The loop to the south was what I did yesterday afternoon on the road bike. The south route is a perfectly suitable weekday loop and will take a little over an hour or so, the north, best allow at least 2.5 hrs. If I was going alone, I'd allot three.

Perhaps the women of Sheclismo should join the D Street crew for our group ride next week?

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