Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belleview Grand Prix - Omaha, day 2

Elisabeth rockin' the cat 4.  Photo: Michael Dixon
Elisabeth rolled it out for a second day of suffering even though she didn't feel that great. We had 5 women on the line, which might not sound like much, but Megan and Rebecca were new faces! We were happy to see them. Elisabeth took second first in the cat 4's. (Posted results were not corrected.)

Me and my Crux.  Photo: Michael Dixon
 I didn't know how I'd feel after yesterday's adventure race, but legs held up enough to come back from two, yes, two crashes during the women's race, for the win. Janna Vavra made me work for it though. Later, I managed to catch two of the 1/2/3 men for 11th place. My third crash was during that and I have to say, since I land smack on my hands with shoulders taking the full brunt of the fall, that I hereby announce myself fit for cx duty.  Loving Specialized's new Crux. It sure is twitchy though. It'll turn tight and is kind of the opposite end of the scale from the steel single-speed touring bike I've been riding for CX the last few weeks.

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  1. Edit: Megan is a Cat 3, so I got first among the 4's! -elisabeth