Friday, December 10, 2010

Bad Bodies = Bad Bikes

Take care of your body! As a "flexion-addicted" computer worker, I couldn't function on the bike without the help of my massage therapist.

Erik Dalton - Bad Bodies = Bad Bikes

It's amazing how much money and time many elite and amateur cyclists spend buying and retrofitting racing bikes to conform to their bodies rather than first restoring function to the most critical piece of racing equipment…the rider's body! When muscle imbalances, faulty movement patterns and joint fixations distort the body's framework, the cyclist is led on a never-ending journey in search of that perfect bike fit.

Read the full article for more info on how bike fitting can be ineffective if the body is misaligned!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Riding Clinic this Tuesday, December 7

Temps < 0, protect all skin. Ski goggles rock. 
Don't wait for that New Year's Resolution. Get on your bike now! Even in these chill temps, riding your bike is a great way to get to work and maintain your fitness.

This Tuesday, come to Joyride Bicycles for a FREE instructional class of the do's and don'ts of winter bike riding, sponsored by Sheclismo Women's Cycling Club. 

Meet women from the club (perhaps even join), try some of our favorite foods and consider bringing some of yours. Learn some basic bike care as well as tactics for riding in inclement weather.

Several of us will be sporting our favorite winter riding gear and ready to answer questions about winter riding.  Consider bringing your bike for the hands on bike care skills session.

Your bike
A spare tube a tire levers (if you have them)
Chain and cable lubricant (if you have them)

Date: Tuesday, December 7th
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Joyride Bicycles on 14th and Old Cheney, just North of Culver's.
Contact: Stacy McQueary (402) 570-9011
Joyride Bicycles
Sheclismo Women's Cycling Team

Winter Bike Commuting Class
This class will include a follow-along instructional on how to change a flat , lube your chain and cables, and perform other maintenance procedures. Be pre-pared to learn to be self-sufficient!!