Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Multi-talented Women of Sheclismo

So, we have this KC Sprints event coming up on January 15th. Have you RSVP'd yet?

Because we have such a multi-talented crew of women on our team, we were able to harness both the drawing & illustration skills AND the papermaking skills of Kimberly Brown, who donated her talent and time (on Christmas Eve, no less) to make paper for our limited edition run of posters. On beautiful pale-blue handmade paper from Porridge Papers, they're being printed by Screen Ink -- thanks to Jesse Petersen for the layout -- and will be available for sale at the event.

Kim rolls out the pulp barrel.

Kim teaches Liz how to inspect a laid out sheet.

After pressing out the extra water, Kim explains loading up the sheets into the drying rack to Kat, Liz, and Elisabeth.

(Poster print will be in black ink only.)

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