Sunday, March 13, 2011

2nd Annual Scrabble Hustle

Scrabble Hustle Friday March 18th

Start at the closed bridge on the Bison Trail
Meet at 730, Ride at 8.

Highest scoring word wins.
Race ends 45 minutes after first rider finishes.
Finishing involves assembling a word with as many letters from the checkpoints.

1st rider to finish: triple word score
2nd rider to finish: double word score
3rd rider to finish: triple letter score (any one of the rider’s letters)
4th rider to finish: double letter score (any one of the rider’s letters)
Using seven letters for one word ‘bingo’: 50 points

All checkpoints are optional. Riders must have a word to finish. Only letters that are used to form a word count toward scores. Only one letter can be used from each checkpoint.

Bring a shirt to the start in order to have it screen printed during the hustle.
Bring $5 to race.

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