Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Slow Bike Movement

Get out your heels and ride slow, ladies!


  1. It's very nice to ride slow and that's what I did yesterday. Heels, dress, etc. all help underscore that you don't NEED a bunch a special stuff to ride your bike around town.

    Put some BMX pedals on your commuter and you can wear any of your shoes. I do prefer my heels to have a bit of rubber, or other no-slip, on the ball of the foot, though.

  2. A great way to encourage more people on bikes and riding slowly: bike dates! Get out there and ask out a charming lad (hopefully who has a bike), throw on a summery dress, pack some snacks and ride out to the country or a nearby green space for a picnic. No one wants to get all sweaty and grimy for a date, so just like a new romance: take it slow and enjoy the ride! Guaranteed to be fun unless you hate life.