Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting some MTB joy

When I first started racing, I did all kinds of different things, including MTB races like the Ouchita Challenge and Lumberjack 100. So, when my friend, ch4os, floated the idea of Tour de Lizard, I thought, "heck yeah!" It's about time for a little fun, and Sheclismo teamie, Jen, and I made our way south.

Jen finished her race with fewer scrapes and less blood let than any previous race, so that was a success. AND she was only about 20 minutes off the winner of her group, so pretty amp'd about that.
Always making friends, this one. Jen & Lisa from Tulsa Tough

By virtue of being the only woman in the marathon class, I won my race rather handily. :D  HOWEVER, I had to earn the 4th place spot overall and did so by completing 3 laps of the seriously rocky course.
Excessive for sure, but if you'd known how sick I was the week before, you'd understand this happiness.
A few of the many great pix Jen took are over on my blog: SYDSPINNIN

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