Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky ‘Cross shook up the Midwest CX Stitch standings

Current standings

Power climbs and bone rattling courses put racers to the test Saturday and Sunday in Des Moines, IA, where Kansas riders Stephanie Lamb and Laura Richards took decisive control over the cat 3 and cat 4 standings with their respective wins on both days. Tulsa Tough Racing’s Aubree Dock maintains second place, and Renae Weaver of Free State Racing sits third.

Stephanie Lamb of Bike America Racing, wearing her Cat 3 Leader's Tall Sox and retaining the top spot on Sunday. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Laura Richards of Women's Free State Cycling takes charge of the Cat 4 Leader's Tall Sox. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

“I hope to get the lead back at Boulevard Cup,” Dock said.

With the three cat 3 three leaders based in Kansas, November 6th is sure to be a showdown. Adding more excitement to the mix is Lindsay Lorenz, who moved from VeloTek to Slimen Und Grossen with her upgrade to category 3. Because she did so before the 31st, she carried her points and received a 75 point bonus, placing her firmly in fourth place overall and within striking distance of a top three series finish, especially given that Lincoln CX Weekend offers double points.

In the cat 4 shake-up, Sheclismo’s Elisabeth Reinkordt moved into second place with her third and fifth place finishes this weekend. However, Julie Higgins, unattached, is less than 20 points down. Count on aggressive riding from Reinkordt and Higgins next Sunday.

Women's Cat 4 Podium Spooky 'Cross #1. Photo courtesy of Spooky 'Cross

Elisabeth Reinkordt nears the crest. Photo by Paul Buchanan
In the special categories, Sheclismo’s Berly Brown maintains her hold on the Single-Speed contest.
SS Tall Sox come in the Icy Bubbles style, proudly displayed by Sheclismo's Berly Brown. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Cheryl Dralle, Rasmussen Bike Shop, received the leader’s tall-socks in the Skillz division for her powerful climbs on both days.

The weekend's courses served Skillz leader Cheryl Dralle's MTB skills well! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Sandy Diavan made cyclocross look the most fun on Saturday when she laid down at the top of the climb and let spectators play Twister on her costume. Sunday, Kim Hopkins stole the show with her natty pink and black striped tights and matching kit.

Kim Beaty Hopkins nears the top of Spooky's notable climb. Photo by Paul Buchanan
Superfun Tall Sox podium. They have smiling clouds and rainbows on them! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt
The Midwest CX Stitch thanks Robot Luv for the nifty patches on the leaders tall-socks and welcomes Casey Sheppard Designs and Berly Brown as two of our featured artists. A big thank you also goes out to Sheclismo’s Grindcore and Skinned Knee for gracing the Robot Luv patches on the leaders tall-socks with hand-stitchery in honor of the series. Stay tuned to the website, like the series on Facebook and friend Skinned Knee to keep in the know. New sponsors and additions to the series prize pool are happening almost daily.

Junior rider Hannah Neary gets a pair of Cycling Made Real socks from Sydney for representing the future of Women's cycling! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

As a reminder, all category 3 and category 4 women racers at participating events are automatically entered into the Midwest CX Stitch series. Please mark your release form with your cyclocross racing category as it appears on your USAC annual license to help us keep things straight.

For more information visit the SHECLISMO web site at or email 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Standings after Spooky CX #1

After Spooky 'Cross #1, Stephanie Lamb of Bike America Racing moves into 1st place in the cat 3 overall; Laura Richards of Freestate Racing, solidifies her lead in the cat 4 overall; Sheclismo's Berly Brown hangs onto the Singlespeed lead; GP Velotek's Lindsay Lorenz still heads up the Skilz and Melissa Dehner of Slimen Und Grossen makes CX look the most fun.

Only did calculations for the leaders categories. As soon as I get wireless I'll update the spreadsheet.



Decorative patches and prizes for our Superfun category!

CX STITCH PRIZES...series winners jerseys

Courtesy of Cycling Made Real
Pink winners jerseys to be awarded the winning cat 3 and cat 4 racers!

Friday, October 28, 2011


SS, Skilz, Superfun, Cat 3 leader, Cat 4 Leader
Series leaders TALLSOX will be awarded after 


Cat 3 leader - Aubree Dock (200 pts)
Cat 4 leader - Laura Richards (200 pts)
Singlespeed - Berly Brown (30 pts)*
Skillz - Lindsay Lorenz (30 pts)*
Superfun - Melissa Dehner (30 pts)*

*Special category placings are computed by adding the 10 participation points to the 10 points awarded the special category winner. Example: Berly Brown did Joules #1 (10 pts), Joules #2 (10 pts + 10 for win) to get the 30 points and the lead.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CX STITCH PRIZES! TWO paintings from Berly Brown! What a treat!

The CX STITCH prize pool continues to expand with two original paintings from Berly Brown. You'll be very lucky to take one of these home. Berly's career is taking off and getting one her works will just get harder.

Berly Brown received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2011.  She has been commuting by bicycle since 2005 and in 2006 had the opportunity to take a month-long self-supported cycling tour through the Pacific Northwest with the aid of the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Grant (UCARE) through UNL.  That tour led to another in 2008 from Lincoln, Nebraska through Colorado and down to Santa Fe, New Mexico.   She is an active member of Sheclismo and has recently fallen in love with cyclocross and related debauchery. Her work is heavily influenced by cycling, camping, and the relationships between people and their environments. She likes to work with thick painterly textures and exaggerated color schemes. She hopes to attend graduate school for painting in the near future.

Here are a few samples of her work:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CX STITCH PRIZES! .... The work of Casey Sheppard

Casey Sheppard
SHECLISMO is putting the spotlight on rising artistic talent and is enormously pleased to announce that Casey Sheppard, whose work is currently featured in Gallery 360 in Minneapolis has graciously consented to donate one of her works to our prize list, she will also have works on display at the SHECLISMO LINCOLN CX PARTY on Saturday night, 11/19. Seriously, folks, get your lycra-clad tushes in gear!


Here's a link to the current standings for the Midwest CX Stitch series.

View standings

Links to the details so you can verify points and your personal info today or tomorrow. I think the spreadsheet is working properly, however. Remember, if you upgrade, you carry your points PLUS A 75 POINT BONUS to your new category.

Series prize info on it's way soon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gal Pals Freakin' Rule

(left to right) Berly, Vicious, Grindcore, and Deep at Joules CX 2011
There's nothing quite like having a great time on your bikes with good friends. We're hoping we can get more ladies to join us on the road next time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Berryman Trail Epic MTB Race 2011

Ok, here's the write-up for the Berryman Trail Epic MTB race.  In short, I got the win, but it was touch-and-go for a long time -- right up to the very end.

For the record, it would be a great one for your first endurance event. Nothing too dicey technical-wise. If you're interested in this type of event, put it on your calendar for next year. Affordable. Beautiful. Great company.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girly Hustle Donations!

Check Out This Awesomeness...

photo: Berly Brown

Sheclismo and Lincoln Hustle recently put on a Girly Hustle to help raise money (over $100!) and donations for Friendship Home. Friendship Home exists to support, shelter and advocate for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. For those of you who don't know, Hustles are Lincoln's version of urban bicycle races where one must complete various tasks, often ridiculous, in order to move on to the next checkpoint. There were over 25 entrants, mostly men, which made for quite an interesting evening considering the obnoxiously girly things we made them all do (Including arm pit shaving and applying lip gloss)! It was a great evening for all the guys to "let their hair down" and celebrate their inner diva while us girls watched them struggle with their heels on the catwalk.

Photos: Left: Berly Brown Right:Angela Garbacz
identities obscured to protect the manly

cookie decorating checkpoint photo: Angela Garbacz

Big thanks to the amazing fellas at HR Lounge who let us end our SHEnanigans in their bar and who also donated Lincoln Stars Hockey Tickets to participants as well as various goods to the Friendship Home! Rick and Heath, you guys are amazing!

Girly Hustle prize: painting by Berly Brown

Another big thank you to all the lovely ladies who made the hustle a success: Berly Brown, Elisabeth Reinkordt, Angela Garbacz, Sydney Brown, Gina Kovanda, and Lindsey McCallister!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flatwater Twilight CX Tonight!

Grindecore tearing it up at Joules CX
Several of us are rolling over to Van Dorn park tonight for the 3rd of the 4 Flatwater CX races this month. This one is going to be a doozy and worth watching if you haven't see one before.

The big boy of Trek Midwest CX is rolling into town from The Big O with his crew, so the local leaders are going to have to lay it down bigtime tonight.

Grindcore and I had a good time and excellent turn-out at the cx clinic last night. If you weren't there and are interested, let us know. We'll set up another one. Thanks

Registration 5:30 tonight. Racing starts at 6 pm under the LIGHTS! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cyclocross Clinic Tuesday, October 18

TREK Bicycle Stores of Omaha 
invite you to test bikes & hone skills at our
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM
at VAN DORN PARK in Lincoln, NE


Cyclocross (CX) is the fastest growing cycling discipline in the United States because it's super-fun and a CX bike is the most versatile bike you can own. Here in the midwest, if you can only own one bike, make it a CX bike.  Come out Tuesday and give this sport a go on a high quality bike. Please see demo information below. Arrive by 5 pm to be fitted for a demo.

Tight turns slowing you down? Barriers giving you grief? Just want learn the basics? 
Come to the clinic. Each skill station will target a particular aspect of CX success. 
Beginners * Intermediate * Advanced
Basics * High/Low Speed Dismounts * Remounts * Carries * Cornering

Trying a Demo Bike
Trek Bicycle Stores of Omaha will be providing demo CX bikes. If you'd like to try one, get fitted faster by bringing these measurements from your current bike. Of particular importance are the first three listed in the picture. Bottom Bracket bolt (BB) to saddle-top, BB to saddle nose, and saddle nose to bar center. Doesn't matter if your current bike is CX, road or MTB. The numbers will help get you set. Also bring your PEDALS and SHOES if you use cleats. 

Bring these measurements. Use centimeters if possible.

photos by Mike Dixon & Jill Tillinghast

Monday, October 17, 2011

SHECLISMO Road Trippin'!!! Midwest CX Stitch #1 & #2 JOULES CX

Great time racing this weekend. Won the women's open both days. Legs feel great. Methinks the time in the Rave Cave is beginning to pay dividends.

Barriers are great place to gain time. Photo: Keith Walberg.
Sheclismo riders Elisabeth Grindcore, Berly Brown & Jen Deep rattled the cat 4 women in more ways than one. Lis got 2nd on Saturday and 4th on Sunday.

Nobody gets game face, like Grindcore. Photo: Roger Harrison, Laterne Rouge

Jen kept the crew cheerful with victory shouts through the spiral.

Deep demonstrates proper CX spirit! photo: Roger Harrison, Laterne Rouge
Berly won the Midwest CX Stitch Single Speeder points on Sunday.

Berly, Mistress of Chill. Photo: Vicious
"You, race the CX." - Grindcore.
Check out Grindcore's "My Week #130" for OCT10-16

Oh, and we even made Steve Tilford's blog. I think that was the highlight.

Having some fun at Freestate Brewery. Photo: Trudi Rebsamen

No end to the SHEnanigans on SHEclismo.

Road trippin' with the ladies is as much fun as it looks. Photo: Jen Deep