Monday, October 17, 2011

SHECLISMO Road Trippin'!!! Midwest CX Stitch #1 & #2 JOULES CX

Great time racing this weekend. Won the women's open both days. Legs feel great. Methinks the time in the Rave Cave is beginning to pay dividends.

Barriers are great place to gain time. Photo: Keith Walberg.
Sheclismo riders Elisabeth Grindcore, Berly Brown & Jen Deep rattled the cat 4 women in more ways than one. Lis got 2nd on Saturday and 4th on Sunday.

Nobody gets game face, like Grindcore. Photo: Roger Harrison, Laterne Rouge

Jen kept the crew cheerful with victory shouts through the spiral.

Deep demonstrates proper CX spirit! photo: Roger Harrison, Laterne Rouge
Berly won the Midwest CX Stitch Single Speeder points on Sunday.

Berly, Mistress of Chill. Photo: Vicious
"You, race the CX." - Grindcore.
Check out Grindcore's "My Week #130" for OCT10-16

Oh, and we even made Steve Tilford's blog. I think that was the highlight.

Having some fun at Freestate Brewery. Photo: Trudi Rebsamen

No end to the SHEnanigans on SHEclismo.

Road trippin' with the ladies is as much fun as it looks. Photo: Jen Deep

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