Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky ‘Cross shook up the Midwest CX Stitch standings

Current standings

Power climbs and bone rattling courses put racers to the test Saturday and Sunday in Des Moines, IA, where Kansas riders Stephanie Lamb and Laura Richards took decisive control over the cat 3 and cat 4 standings with their respective wins on both days. Tulsa Tough Racing’s Aubree Dock maintains second place, and Renae Weaver of Free State Racing sits third.

Stephanie Lamb of Bike America Racing, wearing her Cat 3 Leader's Tall Sox and retaining the top spot on Sunday. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Laura Richards of Women's Free State Cycling takes charge of the Cat 4 Leader's Tall Sox. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

“I hope to get the lead back at Boulevard Cup,” Dock said.

With the three cat 3 three leaders based in Kansas, November 6th is sure to be a showdown. Adding more excitement to the mix is Lindsay Lorenz, who moved from VeloTek to Slimen Und Grossen with her upgrade to category 3. Because she did so before the 31st, she carried her points and received a 75 point bonus, placing her firmly in fourth place overall and within striking distance of a top three series finish, especially given that Lincoln CX Weekend offers double points.

In the cat 4 shake-up, Sheclismo’s Elisabeth Reinkordt moved into second place with her third and fifth place finishes this weekend. However, Julie Higgins, unattached, is less than 20 points down. Count on aggressive riding from Reinkordt and Higgins next Sunday.

Women's Cat 4 Podium Spooky 'Cross #1. Photo courtesy of Spooky 'Cross

Elisabeth Reinkordt nears the crest. Photo by Paul Buchanan
In the special categories, Sheclismo’s Berly Brown maintains her hold on the Single-Speed contest.
SS Tall Sox come in the Icy Bubbles style, proudly displayed by Sheclismo's Berly Brown. Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Cheryl Dralle, Rasmussen Bike Shop, received the leader’s tall-socks in the Skillz division for her powerful climbs on both days.

The weekend's courses served Skillz leader Cheryl Dralle's MTB skills well! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

Sandy Diavan made cyclocross look the most fun on Saturday when she laid down at the top of the climb and let spectators play Twister on her costume. Sunday, Kim Hopkins stole the show with her natty pink and black striped tights and matching kit.

Kim Beaty Hopkins nears the top of Spooky's notable climb. Photo by Paul Buchanan
Superfun Tall Sox podium. They have smiling clouds and rainbows on them! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt
The Midwest CX Stitch thanks Robot Luv for the nifty patches on the leaders tall-socks and welcomes Casey Sheppard Designs and Berly Brown as two of our featured artists. A big thank you also goes out to Sheclismo’s Grindcore and Skinned Knee for gracing the Robot Luv patches on the leaders tall-socks with hand-stitchery in honor of the series. Stay tuned to the website, like the series on Facebook and friend Skinned Knee to keep in the know. New sponsors and additions to the series prize pool are happening almost daily.

Junior rider Hannah Neary gets a pair of Cycling Made Real socks from Sydney for representing the future of Women's cycling! Photo: Elisabeth Reinkordt

As a reminder, all category 3 and category 4 women racers at participating events are automatically entered into the Midwest CX Stitch series. Please mark your release form with your cyclocross racing category as it appears on your USAC annual license to help us keep things straight.

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  1. This is so great to see this special series take hold. Keep it up, I cannot wait till this weekend to see more of the Midwest Stitch Racing, you are great! Way to go Kansas Woo Hoo Ladies, see you at the Cup event.