Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All the Local Ladies...

So, this Midwest CX Stitch series is turning into kind of a big deal. More women than ever are showing up at the cyclocross races that Sheclismo's chosen for the series, and we're having a blast racing bikes or just having fun on the course, getting the crowd into it. (See post about Ms. Twisted Sister at Spooky CX.)
But Nebraska women, we need you. We need you to dare each other into entering the Lincoln CX races on November 19 & 20 at Pioneers Park. Having been dared into my first race with absolutely no preparation, I've even decided to make a special first-timer award.
With 2 and a half weeks, you still have plenty of time for a quick lesson to get you comfortable with the basics. Last night, Stacy and I went to Van Dorn Park, and within just 20 minutes, she knows what she needs to do to use her mountain bike for a cross race.
So be in touch. If you have questions or apprehensions, please let one of us know. We want to see you toeing the line with us!

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  1. ... and plenty of us are happy to give crash courses (k, bad use of words ;-)!