Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aorta brings hipness to the prize table

Wow, don't you want to win something this weekend? With prize sponsors as cool as Aorta, you have to try!

Mixing vintage apparel with quirky appliqued designs, Jessica Plymate keeps her customers looking awesome in her one-of-a-kind clothing.

Aorta has been around for 7+ years, with a brick & mortar location in Downtown Lincoln's Parrish Studios that has been around for 3. I'm a one woman show, specializing in one of a kind appliqued apparel, hand-assembled jewelry and whatever else I can find time to make. The brick & mortar store also carries random vintage decor, etc that I think compliments the brand of the apparel.

my website is
the jewelry is at

Jessica has been featured in books and magazines, and on Saturday, you could go home with a piece or two of your own!

Also, as you can see by the road rash, Jessica rides a bike! But, as she says herself, "I like to ride my bike but I refuse to commit to anything with gears."

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