Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boulevard Cup's Whoopty-Doos Rattle the CX Stitch Standings

Superfun course. Photo lifted from Emily Pastrovich Johnson's FB feed.
With its twisty off-camber whoopty-doos and tight switchbacks, Sunday's Boulevard Cup favored the more technical riders. In the cat 4, Sheclismo's Elisabeth Reinkordt was able to extend her lead over Julie Higgins with a win, and after shooting to the top of the cat 3 standings with her upgrade bonus, Laura Richards, slipped to second with today's 5th place finish. However, Bike America Racing's Stephanie Lamb holds the lead by a mere five points and the double-points up for grabs November 19 in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Flatwater CX Weekend will decide the final standings for both categories. Slimen Und Grossen's Lindsay Lorenz, Tulsa Tough's Aubree Dock and Renae Weaver of Free State Racing are all within striking distance of the top cat 3 placings. In the SS, Skillz and Fun categories, today saw the megawatt smile of Melissa Dehner of Slimen Und Grossen steal the Fun prize, Jennifer Schwartz rode one gear to the Single-Speed win and Ashley Masoni showed off some serious sand Skillz.

Who's in the tall-sox?

Cat 3: Stephanie Lamb
Cat 4: Elisabeth Reinkordt
Skillz: Cheryl Dralle
SS: Berly Brown
Fun: Melissa Dehner

Full standings

What's next? FLATWATER CX WEEKEND in LINCOLN, NE. I29 is open and we've all the host housing you need, so roll your cx-lovin' butts up here and have some fun.

Double points CX Stitch race
Awards party planned and hosted by the SHEnanigans Squad

SHEnanigans Survivor Pre-Race Buffet Sunday morning
Sunday's CX Race


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  1. first race I did with this big a field-so much fun! Looking forward to Lincoln :)
    -Emily Hoesly