Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Midwest CX STITCH: It's all about WINNING

Sheen removed due to popular demand. Thanks to Josh, designer of the highly acclaimed Nintendo Hustle, for a suitable substitute.
One thing we like about CX is that are lots of ways to win - in NEBRASKA on SATURDAY, 11/19. We'll have prizes for Saturday's performances IN ADDITION TO the SERIES PRIZES. Now, pay attention. There are so many ways to win I'm getting confused just preparing to explain.

FIRST AND FOREMOST....All Midwest CX Stitch awards will be handed out at the after CX party Saturday night, beginning at 7:30, HR Lounge. You must be present to win.

In the combined 3/4 field, Flatwater Cycling has contributed a BONUS pay-out to the top 3 finishers. $50, $30, $20. This is in addition to the race day payout for the top 5 finishers of the Women's Open ($100, $75, $50, $40, $35). So, if you were the first cat 3 or cat 4 across the line and got third place overall, you'd get $100 dollars for your effort.

First 3 places in EACH cat 4 and cat 3....
Thanks to Trek Bicycles of Omaha, Kansas City & St. Louis, there are gift certificates worth $100, $75 and $50 for the top three finishers in EACH category.

Special prizes...
She who makes CX look like the most fun.... If you're not having fun, you shouldn't be doing it and we want to recognize racers who are really diggin' it.

The woman with Skillz doesn't come by those out of the blue. She works at it.

One freakin' gear...this chick either likes less complicated or simply makes the most of what she's got. ROCK ON.

Now to mix it up.....on Hooligan's Hill

  • Best Costume (prize table)
  • Match Race ($25 prime) - If you are neck and neck with another woman, pay attention to the spectators. Conrad CastaƱeda who hosts the Mundo Latino radio show will let you know you've been selected for the match race. The back round the course to Hooligan's Hill wins the prime. 
  • Lanterne Rouge ($25 prime) - Anyone can race around like a mad woman, but it takes measured discipline to be chill and enjoy the hand-ups. Most laps down wins this one.
  • Grindcore Memorial Jump In Headfirst Award - With a bike like that, it's obvious you can't resist a dare. This goes to whoever has the MOST inappropriate bike for cyclocross. (Grindcore's first effort was on a fixed roadie.) (prize table)
  • Crowd Favorite - What would CX be without the spectators? Give 'em something to holler about. There will be a ballot box on Hooligan's Hill.  (prize table)

We're doing it prize table style. You will get to choose what you when. We just pick in which order.

  • Top three places category 3 (1st - Jersey + Prize Table)
  • Top three places category 4 (1st - Jersey + Prize Table)
  • Single-speed (1st - Jersey + Prize Table)
  • Makes CX Look Most Fun 
  • Skillz

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Stuff still coming in, but here's a start:
  • Race Saturday
    • Register online at USA Cycling. If this is your first race in any discipline ever, check with me ( to see if there are any first timer coupons left.
    • Race info
  • SHEnanigans at Hour Lounge: (14th & O ST, NW corner) Free spaghetti dinner 6ish, CX Stitch awards starting at 7:30
  • Sunday Survivor Breakfast. Ladies, if you partied like the rock star you are, bring yourself and your entourage to breakfast before you race Sunday. 8:30-10 am. RSVP to receive secret location. Yes, it's that posh.
  • Race Sunday. You race 12:30ish. THANK YOU! For help making this a great event. 

Post those in the comments.


  1. Wow!!!!!! This is shaping up wonderfully!!! Good for you!!!!

  2. We have a $1k prize purse for Women 1/2/3 at Kings CX in Cincinnati, OH. The day before we are crowning Masters women's champs with medals and jerseys. Come check us out!

  3. Great site, always very happy to see more and more women getting involved in cycling. One constructive criticism however: if you are going to have a site promoting women, perhaps take down the picture of Sheen, a known abuser, accused of holding a knife to his girlfriends throat and also locking an escort in a closet.

  4. @Nancy, it is -- thanks to so much help from so many people --- most especially to the women who've committed to travel. The more we group our entry fee dollars and presence, the more attention we'll get from promoters and sponsors alike. We don't have to settle for scattershot.

    @Corey, o man, that sounds like fun and love the payout AND I've never been to Cincinnati. I bet you get some huge fields there with Columbia and Indianapolis being so close.

    @Alex, valid points, but the pic made me laugh, so I used it. Sheen's a misogynistic ass dork, but at least he's open about it. You know what you're dealing with and can strike it down on sight. Prefer that over all subtle condescension that comes from the cycling industry....For example, why is it that Specialized's top-of-the-line women's racing bike, the Amira, comes with mere $800 alloy wheels and the top of the line "men's" bike, the Tarmac, comes with deep rim carbons?

    That's the whole point of the CX Stitch -- we're saying we're sick of low payouts & small fields and feeling like add-ons. If we all declare we're going to certain races and if you sponsor those races you'll get our attention...we'll see changes. But so long as there's only 5 women in the field or something like that, no one cares.

  5. +1 For Alex's comment. Sheen is a giant dick bag, and shouldn't be idolized, "winning" or not.

    In honor of the Nintendo Hustle, I humbly submit this for its replacement:

  6. Or perhaps this one!

  7. @Syd, so you're "taking it back" so-to speak. awwwlright!

  8. I'm on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. Better than meth.