Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Challenges


While many of my multi-talented, multi-sport teammates find it quite easy & enjoyable to turn out a 5k or a marathon, I have not been of this attitude. In fact, I've kind of dreaded running since oh, junior high.

But I got challenged/dared by Kelly to do the Wilderness Run for the Bridges, in exchange for which she'll do a cyclocross race this fall. And I can't resist a good dare.

I started training last week after seeking input from my extensive community of running friends. Start slow, they all said. So I did a 2km run last Tuesday, a 2.5km run Sunday. I felt good through each, and today, I was ready to up the ante on distance.
Running in a Swobo jersey. It works.
I saw rockstar runner Frankie at the South Street Rock Island crossing, and the first words out of her mouth were "Are you training for something?" Clearly, people are not accustomed to seeing me geared up like this -- I mean, I'm running in a cycling jersey. But hey, those back pockets are useful!

Today's run: 4.52km, 27:51 minutes. Average speed: 9.74km/hr (According to My Tracks for Android)

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