Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SHECLISMO’s women take the wheel of independence

Grindcore, Emily and Berly whoopin it up at Boulevard Cup

SHECLISMO women opted out of official team shop sponsorship for 2012, because team leaders wanted club members to feel free to facilitate events with any shop or organization reaching out to women.

“We wanted to stay truer to our mission -- get more women on bikes.” Sydney Brown said.

“First and foremost, we’re about fun and empowerment,” Brown said. “If you want try racing, you’ve got our support. Starting to commute by bike? We’ve got tips on everything from helmet hair to heels. Shopping for a new bike and overwhelmed by the options? Don’t shop alone. Take one of us with you and make sure you get all your questions answered and needs addressed.”

“The entire regional cycling economy will benefit if SHECLISMO serves as a unified front for women interested in cycling,” Elisabeth Reinkordt added. “We’ll be better able to improve and grow the women’s cycling community through partnerships with organizations such as BicycLincoln and Omaha Bikes.”

In response, the team went back to the proverbial drawing board and discussed the SHECLISMO mission, values and priorities for 2012.

SHECLISMO found several members felt conflicted with a shop sponsorship. On the one hand they wanted to take advantage of the discounts and support the team sponsor, but on the other, they felt doing so compromised existing relationships and the tension led to diminished participation.

“The discount on goods and services offered to amateur teams isn’t really enough to make up for the loss of a pre-existing relationship you might have to break or the convenience you might lose from having a shop that’s right by your home or work,” Reinkordt said.

Of course, this doesn’t mean SHECLISMO is opposed to sponsorship. It just means that their participation is tied to events, or the sponsorship is linked to individuals.

“As a racer, there’s NO WAY I could travel and compete at the level I do without the generous support of sponsors, but there are responsibilities that go along with that,” Brown said.

SHECLISMO encourages members to form close relationships with shops and companies they like and will help guide the development of personal sponsorship opportunities. Towards that end, the 2012 kit will be mostly black and easily paired with other shorts and jerseys for sponsor and organization promotion.

For more information about SHECLISMO’s mission or upcoming events, contact Elisabeth Reinkordt ( or Sydney Brown (


  1. come down to kc in february!

    cash prizes for top woman every stage. stage 2-Urban Cross is not to be missed!

    1. Street urchin! Sure wish I'd had this on the calendar sooner. Sounds like a blast and a half. This Saturday we're staying local cuz the KC Sprints boys are coming up here. Give us a bit more notice!

  2. I like this approach. Very well-explained in this blog. Thanks Syd/Liz :)

    1. We're so glad to have you on board in Omaha!!