Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend gravel

This weekend, there were early morning rides with the regular gravel crew. And while I love riding with them, it was also a weekend with cold early morning temperatures warming quickly into melty mid-thirties, and after a long week of hustling to meet deadlines, the idea of waking to an alarm to be cold for the first hour or two wasn't so appealing to me.

Saturday, Ryan had a meeting at work at 9:30, so I rode him there and then ventured east of town on my own. I had a fun time crushing through the semi-melted, semi-icy, semi-snowy Dietrich/Murdock Trail. Loved using the Challenge Grifos on my lovely new War Axe, staying upright over the rough terrain. Until I hit a drift as deep as my hubs, that is. Time to head over to the gravel.

Gravel was beautiful. Dry, hard packed, and peaceful. There was hardly any wind, and I enjoyed some time on roads I rarely ride.


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