Thursday, March 8, 2012


Alright, SHECLISMO's club membership on USA Cycling is live and you may now purchase your annual license. If you are just going to try a race or two, you can purchase a $10 daily license for that particular event, but when CX comes, we're going to have a couple great local series and the CX Stitch, so get the $60 license if you can. A ROAD or MTB license ($60) and you can also do Cyclocross w/ no extra fees. You will choose the club right before you get to the payment page. Look for SHECLISMO.

If you are planning on doing Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville, you will need a UCI license which is $150, but which covers every discipline all year with no need to purchase any additional type of license. If this is confusing, just post questions below. Most of you are too young to do Masters Worlds CX anyway, but Nancy Harless Brown and I will be going.

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