Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grindcore at Swanson

The idea of being "ready" for the first number pinning of the season was funny to me this time around. I suppose that taking a bunch of the nerves out of it and remembering behavior patterns associated with racing meant that I've reached the true mark of "no longer a beginner." Got most of my packing done Saturday night, enjoyed time with family, and headed up for Sunday's newly 4 hour marathon class racing.
Lining up with my chicas, Jen Deep, Chop, Mrs. Mod & me in the foreground, Emily & Carly behind us in Cat 3. Photo credit: Someone with Jen Deep's camera. CVO?

Let me say right off how absolutely excited I was Friday night to see that 21 women had pre-registered for the Swanson races. And with Jen not in the pre-regs, that made 22 or maybe even more.

Leading out the ladies of Marathon on Lap 1. Photo credit: Kyle Hansen


  1. NICE work last weekend! It was awesome to be competing and having my teammies around again! (much luv to Sid and Jen too!)
    Thanks again, Lis, for letting me borrow your jersey-hopefully I'll rep. us better now that I have my dreaded first race under my belt

  2. It was great to see you sporting the jersey and showing up is what counts! Getting that first season under your belt will change a lot of things. :) Ask Grindcore about that.