Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, and totes! ORDER NOW!

With a basic idea of order numbers, we need to get into the specifics of ordering blank goods for printing at Screen Ink. Big thanks to Screen Ink, by the way, for their support of our team in the form of a discount on printing! They are awesome! Also thanks to Single Barrel for getting us some $$ to get the order going!

Please fill out the form if you're interested, and feel free to share with friends who might want something, too!

If you please, fill this out by next Thursday, April 26th. Payment will be cash or PayPal to Elisabeth, due as soon as you can get it to me or at order pickup at the latest. You'll see prices listed next to each item. Also please note that I am assuming t-shirts and hoodies will be the women's style. PLEASE NOTE if you want men's cut on any of the shirts!

T-shirt sizing here

Dress here

Hoodie here

Bag here

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