Friday, May 25, 2012

Almanzo 100's hot and dusty Minnesota Gravel

We had a fun trip north last weekend to the southeastern corner of Minnesota for the Almanzo 100 gravel race (and for some travelers, the more daunting Royal 162). Berly and I had an amazing bathroom, wheelchair accessible, which resulted in a full-bathroom shower and a phone next to the toilet, just in case of SHEnanigans...

The trophies for this fantastically run, beautifully designed and marketed event are Mason jars of gravel. Rad. I was pretty sure there was no way I was in contention for one of them -- with some 550 toeing the line and roughly 100 of them women -- but I was hoping for a top-10 female spot. I've been getting miles in, mixing disciplines, and in the hot (for MN) and windy conditions, I might actually be better off than the northerners.

The start was incredible, with riders stretched all along curved road, 6 or 7 across. Berly and I rocked our awesome-looking new kits -- looking sleek! Read the rest...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First TRI - race report

TRI-Curious? Be careful what you get yourself into.

So.... this last Sunday I did the Bluff Creek Triathlon - my first tri. I ended up second in my age group and 14th out of all the women who did the age-group Olympic length (1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run).

The race started shortly after 8 am after we'd been standing in the cold for about 35 minutes. I was freezing and hadn't been able to force myself into the water to do a warm-up despite my sleeveless borrowed wetsuit. The Olympic distance women were the last wave to go off. (Read the rest...)



This Friday, the Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha is hosting a meet & greet to open the triathlon season with a wine and cheese party at the Midtown store.

The Trek Stores were our biggest supporter for last year's Midwest CX Stitch and it would be great if you could make it out this Friday and have a glass of wine with us.  There will also be some special discounts that evening. Here's the note from Miah...

The women’s bike race season is here and The Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha and the Omaha Women’s Triathlon wants to throw all of you female athletes a little kick off party to wish you good luck and to let you know what we support your active lifestyle. We also realize that is hard for all of us who work and
train to find the time to meet and chat with like minded ladies so here is your chance.

Join us Friday May 25th @6pm at the Trek Store of Omaha, 7214 Jones street for a Wine and Cheese kickoff party.

Party attendees will receive 15% off of clothing an accessories and 10% off bikes for your upcoming season.

This is event open to ALL female cyclists regardless of ability, fitness, or racing experience. If you are new to cycling we greatly encourage you to come out to make some connections and have all your questions answered. Don’t plan on racing this season? That is fine we would still love to have you, all are welcome.

RSVP and questions to:
Map and Directions

Monday, May 21, 2012

Softgoods are in!

just picked up our soft goods from screen ink! | - (@eGrindcore)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grindcore at Platte's Battle Royale

Hot & humid pretty much sums up the Platte River State Park race this year. Not my favorite weather. At least most of the course is shaded...

Pre-race. Soft trail, no point in warming up for the marathon. Photo: Jeremiah Grell
The race itself, well it started a little hectic. Lemans start, and my pump went bouncing out of my jersey, had to run back to get it. Climbed much better on my 1x10, floating past people spinning their granny gears. Lost contact with Anne right after the rock garden on lap one after a bunch of messy Cat 3 traffic. (Guys, please just cat up instead of getting frustrated with us when trying to pass. I am looking for good spots for you to get around, but I'm racing too, you know.) I also made the mistake of goofing off too much at the start line, forgetting to eat something right before we started. I crashed in gully the first time through, slamming the nose of my saddle into a very sensitive place. By the end of lap one, I was hungry and already feeling dehydration seeping in.

Trying to cool off in the feed zone with a frozen water bottle. Mildly successful. Photo: Emily Hoesly