Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sheclisma Sara does her first road race in MN

Basically did 95% of it like a time trial after mentally exclaiming, "No! What are you doing?", finally breaking free of a pokey group 10ish seconds and 35' after noticing a gap forming. I tried my darnedest to get back in with lead group and got within like 10'. But, they were attacking a hill and my head was spinning and, "Oi!" I couldn't hook it. Oh my gosh! :o 

So, I rode the rest by myself...until the young thing I caught 5 miles from the finish. 

That starting group was craaaazy. At least from my perspective, never having raced like that. It was so discombobulated. They wove in and out...here and there...moving all the time like goldfish being fed at the zoo....going fast and then coasting...and then gunning it in a sprint...and then coasting...I was like "What the heck?" 

Another Cat 4 I met said she was with them until the end of the first lap. She said when the junior guys saw the hill, they took off and left her in the dust. LOL. They were itchy, that's for sure.

But...bright side, I improved all my previous times in all the distances 11-36 miles by a few minutes. (11 miles was how far the ride down the continental divide in CO was, so those will be hard to beat.)

And this course was similar to the Denton Alps with an extra 1/2 mile 175' climb at the end of the loop (so twice), 2 laps, 75 degrees, beautiful day, nice roads, peaceful scenery, 10mph N wind, excellently managed, NO Sorghum (I had hives just before I left)....may go back every year. ;) 

I was wheezing at the end of the first lap and had fine lungs but screamin' jello legs the second lap. I was the oldest woman, I think. Rode with a slew of M/F juniors and 4 other cat 4s, who seemed young...like 20's...maybe 1 was young 30's. 

Near the end, I rode with some high school chicka I caught up to on the 2nd lap. She was chatty after she found out I wasn't a junior. :P I think she said the "group" she rides with has 65 juniors in it. Wow! Now there's a youth program.

Slept 12 hours that night. LOL :D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gravel Worlds Teaser

Several Sheclismas are taking on the Good Life Gravel Adventure this weekend. Our friends at the Pirate Cycling League have prepared a doozy of a course -- 150.3 miles of gravel, dirt and minimum maintenance roads. The adventure begins at 6 AM this Saturday. Sheclismas are also taking care of a couple checkpoints along the route, so give those ladies and friends a high five!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

and even more schwag

Huge thanks to Roger Harrison and the Lanterne Rouge volunteer organization for the Pirate gear for the Midwest CX Stitch!