Monday, October 29, 2012

CX Stitch contest heats up - big time

After the Iowa Spooky CX weekend, Leah Kleager is tied with Wanda Simchuk - each with two wins on two different weekends. However, if SHECLISMO's cat 4 upstart Allison Hunt upgrades before Halloween she'll get a 75 point bonus and be jettisoned to the top of the cat 3 rankings.
Wanda Simchuk, Women's Free State Racing Team (KS)

Allison Hunt, SHECLISMO (Lincoln, NE)

Leah Kleager, Midwest Cycling Community (Omaha, NE)

For the category 4's, Smart Honda's Jen Filipiak (IA) sits in the lead with 195 points and is tied with SHECLISMO's Jolene Holland (Omaha, NE).  Katherine Kelter of KU Cycling holds third and SHECLISMO's Sara Nispel comes in fourth at only 5 points down. Looks like the Greenstreet showdown will shake this contest up as well. Will Kelter and Filipiak make it to the Big O and contest Holland for the title? Will Nispel's focus on handling skills this season pay off on the Nebraska State championship course?

In the team standings, SHECLISMO holds a commanding lead despite Free State's Sandy Collin's attempt to collect some points at the Spooky event. However, word has it that Free State is coming to Omaha in force and as the "travel team" they'll get to count their top five riders while home team, SHECLISMO, will only get their top three towards team points. The November 10 & 11 weekend is going to be a showdown.

In the single speed division, SHELCISMO's Berly Brown holds 10 points over teammate Kat Schiffler.

View the standings

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Round 1 of the Midwest CX Stitch

Allison Hunt enjoyed her first and last weekend as a cat 4. With three wins in as many races, she's got to move to the cat 3's.
Standings are posted. Sheclismo leads the team series, but not by much. In the CAT 3 contest, Wanda Simchuk (Free State) leads with 15 points over 360 Racing's Allison Adams who is tied with Julie Crowe Higgins at 185 points. In the category 4's, Allison Hunt of SHECLISMO took the wins both days to lead with 200 points. Katherine Kelter of KU Cycling sits second with 180 and Tanya Hoffman (unattached) holds 3rd.

Check the Standings page:

Next on the schedule is Spooky 'Cross in Urbandale, IA this weekend

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First-timers defy ferocious wind for Weds Nite CX Race

Vicious, Berly, and Grindcore, known collectively as "The Subcommittee"

Singlespeeder Kat's got game.

Emily, Licki, Allison, & Heather. All are doing their very first CX race except for Emily.

Allison, who's been doing boxing training, sprints from the line and never relinquishes her advantage.

Allison, Emily, and Kat go 1, 2, 3

Greenstreet's Carly and Sheclismo's Grindcore step up to the 1/2/3's, joining Vicious and Janna from Elkhorn Valley Cycling.

Vicious, Janna, and Carly go 1, 2, 3.

We're getting our legs. Next up, the Home Team is hitting the Flatwater Cycling Weekend at Pioneers Park here in Lincoln, NE, while the Travel Team heads to Joules CX in Lawrence, KS for the first weekend in the Midwest CX Stitch series.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you ready for the Return of Midwest CX Stitch?

We've got prizes stacking up, and the race calendar is going to be formalized just as soon as Ms. Series Director Extraordinaire Sydney completes one more big step to becoming Dr. Brown. (CRUSH TODAY'S DISSERTATION PROPOSAL DEFENSE THE WAY YOU CRUSH THE CX COURSE, SB!!)

Sheclismo is very excited that Elly Blue, a bike critic and feminist cycling activist based in Portland, is donating a set of her publications to our prize pool. Check out her blog, Taking the Lane, shop her online store (and hey, if you shop and then win, you can always use these as a gift...), and follow her on Twitter @ellyblue

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cyclocross Season is in Full Swing

Ah, cyclocross. My favorite season of the year! So many races with maximum hang-out time with excellent folks. Full recap of the season so far on my blog, a few photos here!

Coming out of the singletrack at the season opener at the Greenstreet Twilight race at Swanson. Photo: Jeremy Cook
Catching Emily on the run up at the USGP in Madison.
Sheclismo really represented at the Flatwater Twilight CX #1, showing Nebraska cycling that cyclocross is something we're all about! We had 6 women in the 3/4 field, and Sydney was able to take a quick break from her dissertation to take home the win in the 1/2/3 race.

Running the barriers. Everything but the remounts felt good. Photo: John Peterson

Railing the slick corners, tripod style. Photo: John Peterson
I love my team. Strong, fun, competitive, multi-talented women. 4 languages spoken in this group alone! Photo: Jane Reinkordt
Podium! Coffee & sunglasses! Photo: Jon Curran
Next up, Fontenelle GP in Omaha on Saturday, and trying to figure out how to get to Ft. Collins for the next USGP...