Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jingle Cross Rocking Fun

Megan helps start the dance party Friday night
Sheclismo repped it at Jingle Cross in Iowa City this weekend, with Sara "The Wolf" taking 2nd and 1st place finishes in the Cat 4 races Friday and Saturday (and having jaw-dropping fun watching the elite women race), and "Whirly" Berly rocking the super tall thigh high socks with 10th and 9th place finishes Saturday and Sunday in the Cat 4.

Sara holds up dropped jaw. "These Elite women don't make mistakes!"

Sunday at the start of the Women's 2/3
In the super-fast Cat 2/3 women's field, Allison "The Mixer" claimed 12th and 10th place finishes Saturday and Sunday, Elisabeth "Grindcore" sprinted to 14th and 13th place finishes, and Emily "Lil' Pants", after taking a vampire-stake-to-the-chest in a crash Saturday, still finished 26th, then hopped up to 20th on Sunday.

Grindcore at the mudbog
Emily taking corners in the field
Allison through the first mud section
Grindcore did double duty as racer and reporter this weekend, taking photos and writing race reports for Cyclocross Magazine. You can check out her coverage here:

Wyman and Driscoll Steal Christmas from Racers at Jingle Cross Day 1 

Wyman Doubles, Johnson Redeems at Day 2 of Jingle Cross

Sheclismo superfan Dave takes the minibike for the speedo race.
Money pony is offering dollars.

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