Monday, February 11, 2013

Hustle, Kit Ordering, and Quick Meals

Here's a little mish-mash of info for your late-Monday night (or whenever you're stumbling upon this) reading!

First, Sheclismo is excited to be hosting the Lincoln Hustle on February 28th. Check out for more info, and get ready to ride your bike around town that night to checkpoints full of surprises. If you've never done a Hustle, this will be a fun way to get initiated...

Second, we're gearing up for another order of swank Sheclismo gear -- cycling jerseys and shorts, skinsuits, running tops, tri gear, and cozy thermal jackets (!) are all in the mix. If you want to try on the samples, we'll have them around for another couple of weeks, and then the order window will open shortly thereafter. Start saving a little cash, because you'll love the investment in the gear. Seriously, it makes you faster. :)

Finally, things are obviously busy, aren't they? Between balancing work/school/family/life responsibilities and trying to be an athlete, cooking time is often preciously short. You can -- and need to -- still eat well, though, if you want your body to perform. Here's a great quick recipe from the ever-beautifully curated 101 Cookbooks for a Kale Rice Bowl. I'm hungry just looking at that.

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