Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adventuring Sheclismas at the Panama Winter Challenge

Our Adventure Racers have kicked off their season with a snowy bang, with new Sheclismas Crystal and Jill racing on a 3 person co-ed team and placing 2nd overall in the Panama Winter Challenge. Ashley and Tina were the only 2-person female team on course, and hold the awesome distinction of clearing all 14 checkpoints!

Ashley, who is in her 2nd year of adventure racing, said Sunday's racers faced 3 miles of running in the snow and 15 miles of wet, soft gravel on their bikes.

Crystal has video from the event -- you can see her helmet cam in the photo Jill took above -- but basically sums it up by saying the video is full of her saying "Damn hill."
Adventure Racing is a great team sport that cyclists can enjoy.  It typically involves trekking, map reading, cycling, and can include paddling, repelling, and obstacles.  The team stays together the entire time. Events can be as short as 2 hours or as long as a week.  The majority of races last 12 hours or less.

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