Sunday, March 10, 2013

Advocacy & Increasing Women's Ridership

The history of women's emancipation and the development of the bicycle are deeply intertwined, yet ridership among women has yet to reach levels reflective of women's share of the population. Instead of the long post I could write about this, though, here are two excellent media pieces instead.

First, Glitter Gravel has a great set of guidelines -- for men, for women, for bike shops, and for the industry -- about how to truly embrace and engage new women riders. Read it, reflect on it, share it, and then act upon it!

Then, Streetfilms put together a nice set of interviews from last week's League of American Bicyclists Women Bike Summit in D.C., set to wonderful footage of women of all ages riding in cities all over the country. Things are changing. We're happy to be working hard to be part of that.

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