Monday, August 12, 2013

Product test: Moxie Cycling jersey

Occasionally, we'll get contacted by folks looking for women like us to test out things we might like to buy. Recently, we were contacted by Moxie Cycling, a company based in Minneapolis that's designing women's cycling apparel. Always on the lookout for women's cycling gear that doesn't go by the rule of "pinkify and cover in flowers," I gave their Retropolitan jersey a go.

I really liked the look of this jersey -- the design and color combo is great -- but while the bottom half fit a little loose, the top half, and particularly the cut right under the armpits, was too snug. This was not as bad when I was riding (arms forward) as when I was just walking in the jersey. It did seem to stretch a little bit after an hour or so, or I just got used to it. I wore this on a relatively warm day, and appreciated the sleeveless cut. The fabric was not particularly breathable, so I don't see wearing this in the very hot and humid part of our Nebraska summers! Also, and this may be just because I'm used to wearing team kit, too, but I felt like with the snugness of the top part, the bottom seemed loose -- I had the urge to pull it down, as it didn't seem to stay in place.

Based on the size chart, I should be a small, but as mentioned above, this was too tight around my armpits. I have quite narrow shoulders and a small chest, so I was kind of surprised at this. I exchanged it for a medium, which is still snug, but fits much more comfortably. I'd advise ordering a size up. I see this jersey as wonderful for casual group rides, and those days when you have a lot of places to go by bike but don't want to be fully lycra-clad. On the day I took these photos, I rode about 15 miles around town, then went to a coffee shop and worked in an office for a couple hours. Though I packed an extra t-shirt to change into, I didn't feel the need -- I didn't feel like I was wearing kit. Also, because it's sleeveless, it would serve as a nice addition to the female cyclist's wardrobe for evening out the farmer tan lines from sleeved jerseys! 

I would recommend this jersey to friends and teammates, with the caveat that trying it on (rather than trusting the size chart) is a good idea. There are several designs that are truly great looking and stylish, not falling into the typical "throw some flowers on it, make it pink or purple" trap. I'd love to see a fleet of women wearing these.

As mentioned above, this jersey is all about look. I didn't think I'd like the padding, but wow, that made me look good! I think women get used to the uni-boob look that sports bras give, and this padding just made me look like my normal self, not bigger, but not squished.

I suggested to Moxie that I think making the lower half of the jersey a little more form-fitting to correspond with the snug top part would be good. Not skin-tight, but not quite so loose. The fabric is thick enough that this isn't billowy, so it just doesn't quite fall right. That said, now that I have the medium, I'll wear it again, especially in situations where I want to get in a good ride but want to look somewhat normal at the bar for my recovery drink!


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