Monday, September 2, 2013

Gravel Worlds 2013 -- Elisabeth's report

We had several women take the start at Gravel Worlds this year. Here's a report from Women's Singlespeed Champion Elisabeth "Grindcore" Reinkordt!

I hate heat. I try to resign to it, to embrace it, to love it, but it just doesn't happen for me. After a fairly cool and mild summer, I was not going to be granted a nice cool day to attempt Gravel Worlds on a singlespeed. Nope. At 5 AM, there was already a strong south wind. Right. In Nebraska, that means it's going to be a hot day.

Having the start/finish at my family farm proved to be far more emotional than I'd anticipated. We had a nice mellow dinner the night before; I slept in my grandparents' bedroom, and my mom made coffee and breakfast in the morning. I peeked out the kitchen window a few times, but when I went down to the barn at 5:30 or so and the whole drive was full of people, it hit me. I was already welling up a bit. My dear parents love their crazy daughter well enough to allow 200 friends and strangers to roll up early in the morning to start a bike race, and there was my dad with the big Swiss cowbell from my mom's host family in Veraltorf. Wow. I just kind of drank it in.
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