Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Star City CX Starts September 25th

Grassroots Race Series to Focus on Cultivating New Racers

The 2013 cyclocross race season kicks off in Nebraska on September 25th, with the first installment of Star City CX, a new grassroots race series featuring three new venues that stretch across the city of Lincoln. The races are a joint effort of SHECLISMO and Cycle Works, with Josh Rice and Elisabeth Reinkordt taking on primary organizing responsibilities and Craig Schmidt taking the lead in course design. The emphasis is encouraging beginners to get into cyclocross while providing a great series of new venues for veteran local racers to get in a mid-week race.

Rice, chief promoter for the series, began racing in 2010, and cited Lincoln’s Wednesday night races that year as key. “It’s so important to have an affordable way to get into racing,” Rice said. “I want people to come check out a race with a friend and know that they can participate for less than it costs to go out to dinner.”

Reinkordt, co-founder of Nebraska’s all-women’s bike club SHECLISMO (, stressed the importance of accessibility -- and fun -- in growing the sport. “I started bike racing on a dare at a cyclocross race in 2009, and the fun a supportive community has kept me coming back for more,” she said. “We have had a couple informal cyclocross practices this fall, and I’ve been so impressed with the turnout -- especially by women -- who are interested in learning about the sport.”

Schmidt, a long-time veteran of cyclocross racing, has been extremely excited to have the support of Lincoln Parks & Recreation in exploring new parks for courses. “We’re using new locations, and we think racers are going to love the new features we’re going to be able to incorporate,” he said. “Each course brings unique features that are going to bring smiles to peoples’ faces -- racers and spectators both!”

Cycle Works ( will be providing shop support for the races, including having a mechanic on site. Shop manager Nathan Swanson said that a grassroots series fits right in with the shop’s motto. “We encourage people to ‘Get out. Have fun,’” Swanson said. “We’ve been strong supporters of the finding ways for the Lincoln community to enjoy bikes and parks, and this is a natural fit for us.”

The Wednesday races will follow a B Race/A Race format, and the series will culminate in a more traditional Saturday of racing -- including a few fun surprise categories to be announced in coming weeks. Online registration is available at


Wed, 9/25, 5:00 PM, Seacrest Park
Wed, 10/2, 5:00 PM, Wilderness Park Fitness Loop
Wed, 10/9, 5:00 PM Tanker Hill @ Arnold Heights
Sat 11/9, 10:30 AM Tanker Hill @ Arnold Heights


Josh Rice -
Elisabeth Reinkordt -

For more information about the races and to find people to train with visit:

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