Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Stars of Cyclocross

After 3 weeks of Star City CX Wednesday night races -- the last of which took place on an incredibly challenging course at Tanker Hill in Arnold Heights -- we have some solid new cyclocross racers in our ranks. More importantly, though, we have a bunch of women HAVING FUN getting out on course with their bikes, challenging themselves and each other, making new friends, and building community.

Crystal and Sheena at the start of the Tanker Hill race. Photo by John Peterson

Ashley climbs through the prairie. Photo by John Peterson

Sheena -- our Derby Girl recruit -- takes on Tanker Hill on her brand-new singlespeed. Photo by Jan Rice Ferguson
Cristina tears it up in her second race. Photo by Brent Baum

Liz really brings the fun to cyclocross in a cow costume -- and her Sheclismo jersey, of course. Photo by Rob Evans

Marcia's made huge progress this month. Love that smile! Photo by Jan Rice Ferguson

Megan races with style and swagger, earning herself a new set of tires from the judges. Photo by Brent Baum

Susan came charging back after a mechanical last week, cranking up Tanker Hill like a boss. Photo by Brent Baum 
Elisabeth in the A Race on her singlespeed. Photo by Brent Baum

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photos from first Star City CX race

We'll be back at Seacrest Park this Wednesday. Pre-register here:

Here are some photos from last week!!
Starting line-up of the beginner women. Awesome field!

Crystal did her first cyclocross race to celebrate her 40th birthday. And she crushed it.

Heidi in her first cyclocross race, smiling on a singlespeed!
Ashley's been coming to cyclocross school regularly this year, and it paid off. She raced hard and smooth in her first race.

Megan loved racing without all the added weight of a Bob trailer full of Farmer's Market goods.

Elisabeth loving/cursing the course she helped design

Jamie in her first race, diving right in with the 1/2/3 women in her signature rainbow Chucks.
Sara is back in top form this year, kicking off her first full season as a Cat 3.

Beginner women lined up in height order for podium? Nice work, ladies, and congrats to Crystal (right) on the win!

Elisabeth and Janna did a podium hug after the A's race.
 Thanks to Corey Godfrey, Jan Rice Ferguson, and Nathan Swanson for the photos!