Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photos from first Star City CX race

We'll be back at Seacrest Park this Wednesday. Pre-register here: https://www.usacycling.org/register/2013-3379

Here are some photos from last week!!
Starting line-up of the beginner women. Awesome field!

Crystal did her first cyclocross race to celebrate her 40th birthday. And she crushed it.

Heidi in her first cyclocross race, smiling on a singlespeed!
Ashley's been coming to cyclocross school regularly this year, and it paid off. She raced hard and smooth in her first race.

Megan loved racing without all the added weight of a Bob trailer full of Farmer's Market goods.

Elisabeth loving/cursing the course she helped design

Jamie in her first race, diving right in with the 1/2/3 women in her signature rainbow Chucks.
Sara is back in top form this year, kicking off her first full season as a Cat 3.

Beginner women lined up in height order for podium? Nice work, ladies, and congrats to Crystal (right) on the win!

Elisabeth and Janna did a podium hug after the A's race.
 Thanks to Corey Godfrey, Jan Rice Ferguson, and Nathan Swanson for the photos!

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