Monday, November 11, 2013

Sheclismo brings style to the Nebraska State Championship weekend

There are so many great photos from this weekend that it will take forever to put them all together. How about a few highlights and a slew of gallery links? We'll try to get a better gallery together soon, but we have to recover first!

Start line of the Women's Open on Saturday in Pioneers Park. Photo: John Peterson

Sheena raced THREE races on Saturday -- the Madison relay, Singlespeed, and Women's Open. Not bad for a first race weekend...Photo: Jan Rice Ferguson

Joy takes the dollar at the top of Hooligan Hill. It was her first bike race, and she was on road slicks. Well done, Joy. Photo: Jan Rice Ferguson

Jamie rocked two days of racing on the singlespeed (plus doing the Madison race on her fat bike) in her stylin' rainbow Chucks, bringing home 2nd place in Women's Singlespeed. Photo: Jennifer Greer
Ashley Reinsch wraps up a stellar first season of racing at Day 2 in Omaha, with Susan Cronin and Jamie chasing through the barriers. Photo: Jennifer Greer
Jamie & Elisabeth share a laugh on the podium for Women's Singlespeed State Champions. Photo: Jennifer Greer
Elisabeth takes 3rd step of the Women's 1/2/3 State Championship podium with Carly Thomsen and Jolene Holland of Greenstreet taking 1st and 2nd. Photo: Jennifer Greer


More beautiful photos from Pioneers Park from Michael McColgan!

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