Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taking the Lane: Time to begin!!

To commute or not commute, that is the question. If you are now like I was about 12 years ago, you may be on the fence on whether commuting is a possibility for you or not. Time, commitments, distance, route....all these things can seem daunting, but I assure you the joy you get from commuting is worth any "bump" in the road that is thrown at you!

The first thing is to find that perfect route, not only one that gets you to work (that is the idea I guess) but also one that will really let you enjoy the commute! When you find a route I suggest a dress rehearsal or two on non work days. Ride the route and check out anything that might deter you from getting back on the bike to commute. The deterrent  may be too busy of street, a dog, a busy school area.......lot's of things can keep you off your bike so find a route that is as close to perfect as possible, and make it a fun route also! Riding through a park is a great way to witness the change of seasons and see some amazing sunrises or sunsets! :)

The Scenery of Bike Commuting
Preparedness is an important part of commuting also. Preparedness not only in what you need for the day, but also what you might need for the day! The weather channel will become your best friend and an extra set of shoes or apparel may be necessary many days.

The most important thing I have learned, and have to remind myself all the time, is that bike commuting is certainly not an "all or nothing" commitment. Everyone is busy but there is always a day here or there where a bike commute is possible. Once you get a couple of bike commute days in, you won't want to stop! And be sure to have your phone handy for some amazing photos - you see things on a bike you never notice in a car!

Take a chance and head to work on your bike!

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  1. Thanks, Ann. Yes, I always see the most amazing things on my commute and arrive with a smile on my face!