Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking the Lane: I commute by bike because I am lazy!

That's right...I commute by bike because I am lazy. Now, before I fire up all the other commuters out there let me explain.........

Driving in that kind of traffic is for people far less lazy than me (Photo by Michaella Kumke)

Here's what happened when I drove a car...worse yet when I drove an Econoline van for work......the car or van NEVER had gas in it! My children are permanently scarred from me constantly running out of gas...on the way to school, gymnastics, the mall, friends name it, we ran out of gas to there. Why? I told you, because I am lazy! And tires...don't even get me started on tires! They are never just "low on air" there is always a bigger issue there....nails, old and worn, was in my tires! And there is this thing under the hood called an engine....good grief...the only engine I worry about now is my body, and I make sure it is in good working order all the time!
Madison cannot be bothered to pack up her car to go to go places
So that is the mechanical part of the laziness in me, but here is where the real laziness comes out.......the actual driving to work part.

Emily cannot be bothered to wait for the train (Photo by Piper Williams)
When you drive, there is just to it! In the winter you have to get out to your car before you are actually going to leave to warm it up, then you have to scrape the windows because, if you are lazy like me, it is too much work to clean out the garage to make room for the car! One winter I had to scrape the INSIDE of my windows because I spilled 10 gallons of water in my car (don't ask, it has to do with laziness) and had to wait till the weather warmed to dry everything, in the car, out!
Once the car is warmed up, thawed out, windows scraped you have to drive to the corner and WAIT to turn right so you can drive 2 blocks to WAIT to turn left and sit in a long line of cars. This means you have to leave earlier than if you commute by bike, which means you have to work faster at getting ready and that just doesn't bode well for someone who is lazy!

Lis is far too lazy to scrape ice off car windows so she bikes instead
Once you get to work you don't just pull up to the door and drive your car in the store (as you do on bike). No, you have to go to the parking garage and drive floor, after floor to one of the very top floors to park your car, then you have to walk down the stairs ( I'm not THAT lazy that I take the elevator) and walk to your store! Goodness, it makes me tired thinking about this!
You see, it is so much easier by bike.... I ride across the park straight to the street and have a clear shot downtown......I ride right up to The Coffee House, lock up my bike, get my tea, ride right up to the front door of my store, take my bike to the back room and it's done! Boom!
That's the way to get to work if you are lazy like me! BUT you don't have to be lazy to commute, just inspired! Either way, it works!
Now This is Inspiring (Photo by Jamie)


  1. Thanks for the giggle, annringlein. I'm right there with you. It's much more annoying (and effortful) to deal with a car than to ride or walk for me as well.

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  3. Ahhhh someone put this into words for me! I timed it once and riding my bike cuts my commute to class in half. IN HALF!

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