Saturday, June 7, 2014

National Bike Challenge Standings as of June 7, 0900

Sheclismas are doing their part, especially Jamie, who sits 56th in the national combined rankings and 10th in the women's-only listing. WAY TO GO, Jamie!  In the teams with 25-40 riders, Sheclismo currently sits 4th, but we are within striking distance of second and third!  In communities with over 200,000 residents, Lincoln is currently second to Madison, WI.  As a state, we rank 3rd, but second place Vermont better watch out - we're very close.  Finally, our local challenge, BicycLincoln, is third.  Keep riding!  Remember, the first mile counts for the most points -- 20!  So, do a mile a day at least.  Happy riding!

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