Thursday, July 3, 2014

Taking the Lane: Oh, the Things You'll See!

Commuting has become more than "just transportation to work" for has become a form of transportation for my mental health. It gives me a smile -!

It took a couple years, of riding back and  forth to work, for me to realize I was surrounded by some amazing things and wasn't appreciating them. I began to stop and take a picture of things that I thought were unusual things, things I thought others would enjoy, and things that just made me think  hmmmmm.
I ride across Woods Park every day and the scenery changes just that often. I have stopped countless times to take a picture of the trees, whether it is because of their spring blooms or their brilliant fall colors. These are the pictures I send to people that have moved away from Lincoln, my way of saying "see what you are missing!".

Most of my pictures are of animals or birds, I will do a u-turn to go back and get a picture of some unusual critter I see on my commute...somehow I am much more amused by these than my friends.

My new favorite is "Bob Marley Bunnie". Bob lives at 48th and Benton.....seriously this rabbit has dreadlocks on the bottom half of his face - he is amazing and he is quite aware of how amazing he is, as he appreciates my attempts to get his photo!

People, though, seem to be the ones that make me most happy. You see, if I stop to take a picture of you it's because you have made me smile :)

Commuting by bike has increased my memories, and really made me aware of all that is around me. I actually don't need to look at the pictures any more as these photos are in my mind and I can see them any time I want!

Take the bike to work and once you are familiar with your surroundings, start enjoy the scenery! You will have a mind full of wonderful photos! Enjoy the ride!!

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