Monday, August 11, 2014

Gearing up for Gravel Worlds 2014

On Saturday, 16 women affiliated with Sheclismo will toe the start line at Gravel Worlds, representing in every single eligible category, from Open to Masters to Singlespeed to Cargo Bike to Tandem. The 150ish mile slog is nothing if not challenging, and no matter how far our Sheclismas make it along the course, they've been training hard and are all accomplishing a huge amount just by taking on the event.

Sheclismas know you can't have no in your heart.

Better yet, other Sheclismas and supporters will be staffing an oasis/checkpoint along the route, replete with treats and smiles and high fives and at least two Jennifers. 

And once Gravel Worlds is done, switch right on over in your brain -- our first night of cyclocross school is next Wednesday, August 20th!

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