Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking the Lane: Commuting Makes You More Human (In a good way)

We are all human, but we are also Americans and sometimes - because we are Americans - life can get in the way of us being "more" human.

Time seems to be something we Americans don't have enough of. We are always rushed to get to work, to get to the store, to get to school, to get our kids to school....... so cars help us out in that respect because we can get where ever it is we need to go - FAST! We get in the car, we have the windows up (because the air/heat is on) and we just go. We don't notice, trees, children, families, animals..... we are just one with the car and we get to where we need to be - usually by the shortest route possible. Days go by, months go by, seasons go by and we don't notice any of it. We don't see the other drivers expressions, we don't see happiness, sadness....nothing. We are, in essence, a machine ourselves.
BUT throw that same machine of ourselves on a bike and all that melts away........ we become more human. We know the other commuters, maybe not by name but we KNOW them. We see the changes going on in nature We get to REALLY experience the seasons happening....from start to finish. We get to see moms and children heading to school each morning, we get to see people and their pets taking their first, or second, walk of the day, we get to witness emotions within ourselves, and others we see on our commute. We are MORE human and it is a good thing.
There is a campaign going on by Mizuno right now stating "What if Everybody Ran?" Well, my question to everyone is "What if Everyone Commuted?" Seriously, think about it...... ALL the problems would be solved (as I see it). Healthcare costs would plummet. No need for a pipeline to carry oil through Nebraska. Pleasant people everywhere you turn. Healthy people everywhere you turn. People that have slowed down and taken the time to get to where they need to go.
Becoming "more" human .... commuting .... happy people......"more" human.......the world needs more commuters!

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