Thursday, September 25, 2014

Taking the Lane: Nothing is More Local than Commuting!

I know this blog is supposed to be about apparel and different choices of apparel....well, I hope you all will bear with me a bit on this blog...... it is my chance to talk local with out feeling like I am a commercial for my store!

 We all love commuting and as the title of this blogs states "Nothing is More Local than Commuting" - yep about as local as it gets, folks. That is a lot of why we are drawn to commuting, for the local part of this ...we get to ride by our favorite LOCAL parks, our favorite LOCAL coffee shops, our favorite LOCAL bike's where I get on my soap box :)

As far as I can tell commuters are not commuting naked in Lincoln....... yet our LOCAL bike shops are having a rough go with apparel sales. The hard cold truth is that apparel sales across the country are down 20-30% and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an upswing in sight. But I like to think that Lincoln is not like the rest of the country.....I like to think that we respond to our LOCAL business's with support! I like to think that the Lincoln biking community supports LOCAL bike shops with regular visits to see what is new and different.

That's not what I hear when I talk to the LOCAL shops, I hear they try to bring in apparel for biking/commuting and it's a hard sell. This is from the shops that are at Gravel Worlds at 5 am to set up and help with any needs you have, this is from the shops that put air in your tires free and give you tons of free advice, this is from the shops that are at Seacrest Park in the middle of the afternoon setting up a cyclo-cross course for you (and are there long after you have hit the local burrito shack and are home with your feet up), this is from the shops that have weekly rides that leave from their front door, this is from the shops that the owners sleep in a trailer behind their truck for two weeks following bike tours across our state, this is from the shops that have "Ladies Nights".... offer you great deals..... bring in new clothing for you to order.... feed you and give you wine and beer.......but most of them don't see you come back in for the apparel you are wearing out there on your rides or your commutes. I have a hard time believing that, as social as we all are in this group, it is more fun to sit in front of a computer and order apparel online than it is to go into our LOCAL bike shops and talk to a real person that knows the apparel there inside and out. There is nothing better than feeling like you are well equipped because of the knowledge of a local salesperson. There is nothing better than walking in your LOCAL bike shop and having the salesperson call you by name and point out some new apparel they know you would love! Computers don't /can't/won't do that :)
Next time you commute by your LOCAL bike shop, stop in and see what great apparel they have for your daily commute. I mean we all know "Look good - bike good" and now we know "Bike local - shop local"!

Wool Socks designed by Lincoln local artist

Off my soap box, onto my bike and a quick commute home in some great apparel from my LOCAL bike shop!

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