Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Young riders need your support!

Like seeing young women (and men) taking the wheels? We've been so happy to see young people taking to cyclocross this fall. So much so, that the funds we raised to make youth racing free are out!

Via Star City CX, the series we're proud promoters of:

Last winter and spring, we were incredibly happy to partner with the No Coast Derby Girls to raise funds for junior cyclocross racing. And while we raised a healthy chunk of change from that endeavor, we’re now faced with one heckuva good problem. Turns out juniors took to the turf in awesome numbers -- exponentially more than ever before in Nebraska! -- and we’re out of dough to cover the cost of insurance and licenses for them to race for free!
So, because nothing beats seeing a 6-year-old valiantly lifting the mountain bike that weighs just as much as she does over the barriers, and nothing beats seeing a race number fill an entire child’s back, and nothing beats seeing a bunch of young men and women challenging themselves and each other, we’re asking for help. Any donation makes a difference.
$20 covers the cost of one youth or junior racer
If you donate $50, we’ll throw in a Star City CX shirt. $10 gets you a sticker. (See below for available sizes)
You can send money directly via PayPal to josh@starcity.cx or click one of these links to speed that process up:
Day-of, corporate and anonymous donations are also gladly accepted! :)
Thanks for your help and support.
Josh & Elisabeth
Because, c'mon. We need more of the awesomeness that was on display at Seacrest Park...

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