Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking the Lane: It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

Looking for great gifts for friends, family, or charity?
The Holiday Season has always been the MOST wonderful time of the year for me, so once I started working retail 30 (gulp) years ago I wondered if it would hold the same wonderfulness it always had. All of a sudden the busiest time of the year became even busier, but I found I loved it! I have made a game of "shopping local" for all my Holiday gifts, this has kept the wonderfulness there, and made it actually more fun! Whether it's "Lincoln Local" or "Toronto Local", I get it done!

Warm clothes to commute in.
The fun part about the Holidays for me is I am always finding cool stuff for me as I very seldom shop during the year (and if I do it is always small and local....less stress!) So when I head out to do my Holiday shopping, imagine the fun I have! There are so many cool things, I can't help but buy for myself :)

We love supporting local!
I have also trained my family to shop local. They understand how important this is to me and how happy it makes me to open a gift from Tsuru, Monkey Wrench, Patino, Cycle Works, Stella, The Coffee House.....just to name a few :) These are all in my hood so they can get there easily....also cuts down on the stress of the Holidays! I like to think it also cuts down on the stress in their lives, this busy Holiday Season, by sending them to small stores that know me and what I like (you see it really IS all about me!) :)

Local shops are the best
I will never forget the year that Nathan, from Cycle Works, brought me this HUGE bottle of electrolyte. Not for me, you see, but for my dog! He remembered that I swore it was electrolytes that was keeping Annie alive, and gifted me a huge bottle at the Holidays! (I still swear it kept Annie alive for 3 years past her deadline of life!)

I'll take one of these!
If I don't get out shopping during the year, how do I know what is out there? Well, look around and ask questions! Commuters are the best communicators! I see the Bar Mitts, I ask where they got them - or where to get them local. I drop an order off at Screen Ink, I see a print with a bicycle saying on it and drop the hint to my family. I see a cool shirt or sweatshirt of a local shop and know where to send the fam! It's really pretty easy, and as I said!

Snow! We ain't afraid of no snow!
As a small, local retailer I really enjoy the folks that come in this time of year looking for gifts for customers of ours. Knowing what our customers like and being able to show people what it is that would make them happy is priceless! When our customer comes back in LOVING what they received ....well, one more awesome moment for us!

Your helpful bike shop employee. Thank you for supporting our cycling addiction.
If you get out to your local bike shops during the year, they know what you need, want and like and they'll be able to share that with your family and friends. Having local friends in retail is the best....not only at the Holidays but all the year through. You never know when you are going to need these guys to get you through some bike issue and THAT is the true gift, anyway at that moment it is! Holidays are about family and friends really and what I love is that where I do my bike shopping...they ARE my friends!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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