Apparel - Kits, T-Shirts, etc.


Here’s our current timeline: Our order (including our money) will be due January 24. All ordering will be done online through Voler directly. You will each get a login and password and will be able to order/pay for your items. This will eliminate any one of us having to put any money down to front the order for the entire team. It also allows you to pick and choose which items you want. Unfortunately, it also means that if your order isn’t in by January 24, it won’t be included. We had to book this slot in the production schedule several months ago, and if we’re late by even a day it means we will likely not get kits until August or September. The good news is that with our current slot, our kits are scheduled to be delivered March 14-18.

Take a look at the catalog and price list:

Welcome to the Voler Online Ordering System

Your cycling team has chosen to use Voler's new online ordering system for your next clothing order. Please follow the steps below to place your portion of the teams order:

1. Follow this link to access your teams order:

2. Create a "New Account". Once you log in, click on "Get Started" to begin your order.

3. Choose your items and options from the Like Item Categories.

4. When you are finished, open your shopping cart and carefully review your items. Because each item is custom built, refunds and exchanges will not be accepted. When you have confirmed your order, continue to the secure Checkout.

5. After you process your order, you will receive an e-mailed order confirmation for your records.

6. Once the order deadline date has been met, you will not be able to add or modify your order. The order ship date is listed on the homepage. This is the date that your order will ship to your Coordinator.

Thank you for your order. If you have any questions, please call 800-488-6537.