Rides & Routes

 The routes below are commonly ridden.  Many rides are described as "no-drop," but you may want  to contact the sponsoring individual or organization to verify there is a ride leader and/or "sweeper" (someone who makes sure no one gets dropped behind).  There are many leaderless and loosely organized group rides on the weekends.  To find out about these rides, keep an eye on the following Facebook groups: Gravel GirlsNebraska CX,  Nebraska Gravel Grinders, and of course SHECLISMO.  When you see a ride posted, and you haven't ridden with that group before, here's a couple questions you might consider posing:

  1. Is the ride no-drop or tend to stay together?  (Many times, a group goes out together and rides intact for the first part of a ride, then it separates into slower and faster group depending on what people want to do that day.)
  2. If the ride is a long one, like many of the weekend rides tend to be, you may want to ask a regular or local if there are good "peel-off" points appropriate for your desired distance for the day.  
Please check BicycLincoln's calendar for group rides. Most of the rides are posted on Facebook and that's where you'll find the details of each event, but the link to the relevant Facebook page is in the calendar item description.


Road riding around Lincoln (LNK) typically involves long stretches where the wind plays a major role.  Consequently, you'll find most riders take their headwind at the start of the ride and finish with the tailwind.


    • Roca Short Loop (~ 30 miles, LNK S)
    • South Side Short Loop (~33 miles, LNK S) This is a good flat-ish loop for beginners or for a group wanting to stay together.  Denton Road has wide shoulders, as does Hwy 77.  The intersection of Satillo and 77 offers a peel-off point for those wanting shorter distances. For more challenge, continue to Sprague.  Sprague road east to 77 has a couple good hills to test the legs, but southern winds carry one back to town quickly.)
    • SW Denton Alps plus Sprague (~38 miles) - Great route for working on your ability to climb rollers. Traffic is light in the evening after 6 pm.  Shoulders on 77, 33, and Denton Road after the "Denton Wall" (a great hill for interval work). 
    • Branched Oak Loop  (~48 miles, LNK NW)
    • Roca Rollers (~42 miles LNK SE)
    • Branched Oak (~48 miles LNK NW)
    • Branched Oak Short Loop (~34 miles, LNK NW)
    • Lincoln-Panama-Hickman-Sprague (~47 miles, LNK SE)
    • Hallam Loop (~50 miles, LNK S)
    • Hwy 33 - Denton - Branched Oak (~66 miles, LNK W) Pretty hilly & no shoulder on the west side of the loop. Traffic is not bad, but it is fast.  Probably not a good beginner route. 


    Lincoln is surrounded by gravel roads and many local cyclists trade buzzing automobiles for an occasional farm dog sprint and the relative solitude and beauty of rural Nebraska.  One can ride a road bike on these roads, but the bike of choice is the cyclocross bike.


    • Nacho Ride - Tuesday evenings.  Anytime from 530 pm on.  MOPAC trail to the One-Eyed Dog Saloon in  Eagle, Nebraska.  About 20 miles round trip from the trail head on 84th ST. Lots of folks do this ride.  Make sure you take lights and watch for other riders. 


    • Monday Night Gravel (~25 miles, not too hilly, but there's a few) - (Because of Jamaica North trail closures, this route has been unlinked. Use "Short Gravel Route" instead.)
    • Short Gravel Loop (~26 miles, returns to town on south 40th and connects with trail system)
    • SW Gravel Loop (~32 miles, rolling hills, one farm with dogs, but they don't try to bite)
    • SE Gravel (~48 miles). Quite a pleasant ride.  Take 190th along the east side to add miles and encounter some minimum maintenance roads)
    • NW and NE Route (~39 miles) Easily extendable.  Makes use of gravel roads, Mopac and Wabash trails. 
    • North side of Gravel Worlds 2012 (~62 miles, lots of hills, some steep.)
    • Southeast of LNK, Otoe County, then MOPAC back. (~70 miles, hills on the south side, flat return via MOPAC trail.  Roads to the south and southeast of Palmyra are especially pretty with many minimum maintenance roads)



    Check BicycLincoln calendar for the latest information on most all things bike. For routes and more information for MTB trails, view Nebraska Game & Parks information. Do note that Wilderness Park is closed for the foreseeable future because of flooding.


    1. This is great! Thanks for compiling the list. I'm going to share this at work. I've got 90 co-workers signed up for the National Bike Challenge, and each week I give them ideas on biking. The where & when to ride ideas will be great for this week.

    2. If you find a route you especially enjoy, let me know so I can post it here. Also, if you'd like to add notes to a particular route, send that too.

    3. Thanks for putting this together! :-)